Temperament Counseling

You are uniquely and purposefully created (Psalm 139).  Understanding your temperament and specific temperament needs is essential to healing and change.

So, what is temperament counseling?  Simply put, it is solving problems God’s way. Temperament is the God-given nature of who we are.  Unlike personality traits that are often fluid, our temperament never changes.  It dictates who we are and why we do what we do, which makes understanding it crucial to healthy, functioning relationships.

Temperament counseling services include:

  • Arno Profile System results for Personal and Career Development
  • Spiritual Development for Children, Teens and Adults

Dr. Jo also offers temperament counseling and Biblical knowledge for:

  • Marriage and Family Issues
  • Infidelity, Divorce and Remarriage
  • Parent and Step-Parent Challenges
  • Grief, Anxiety, Shame, Depression and Addictions
  • Issues of Aging, Disabilities, Mental Illness
  • Other Distressing Problems or Concerns