Christian Counseling Testimonials

Our marriage was in a state of crisis the first time we visited Dr. Jo. She taught us to communicate with each other using Biblical principles. Her insight and compassion were vital in helping us to restore our marriage. We are forever grateful for the knowledge we received.

— AC / MC

Dr. Jo is a fantastic counselor! She is genuine, and very disarming. It is easy to get comfortable with her quickly. She listens and is compassionate, but gets down to the nitty-gritty, gets real, or "eats your lunch" when called for. Still, she brings it all back to the Word of God, and what it tells us about us, and our situation. She gives helpful, Word-based advice that produces results. We highly recommend Dr. Jo for all of your counseling needs!

— RP / DP

My experience with Dr. Jo has been absolutely life-changing. I was going through the worst period of my life, failing to see clearly, and feeling shame at the mistakes I made in life, but she showed me the love of Christ. She did not judge or accuse me, but provided support, Godly wisdom, discernment, and experience. Dr. Jo combined grace with a great understanding of the human condition. I am only still continuing forward today because God used her to help intervene in my life when I needed it the most . I now have a healthy path to follow.

— AG

I sought counseling to help me work through grief and anxiety resulting from a layoff and career transition. Dr. Jo’s insight and Godly wisdom were instrumental in helping me identify the underlying beliefs fueling my emotions. She provided Biblical and practical tools that I continue to rely on when I’m struggling. Dr. Jo is a gifted counselor with a warm and reassuring demeanor. I'm deeply grateful for her guidance in this challenging season of my life.

— TG

After experiencing a sudden horrific tragedy involving my family, I found myself living in crisis mode on high alert for years. Drained and anxious, I called Dr Jo and found the help I needed to navigate through the storm. She helped me with practical steps and strategies, while keeping the focus on Biblically-based wisdom and counsel. In Psalm 40 the Lord assures us that He will lift us from our pit of despair and give us a firm place to stand and steady our steps. Appointments with Dr Jo were a major part of helping me become steady and remain stable toward healing and wholeness.

— RW

It was not a mistake that you had a 4:00 opening on Wed. That was a divine appointment. Isn’t God Awesome! I am so thankful that we are coming to you. Your spiritual discernment is evident. Your love and knowledge for God’s Word is also evident. We had a very positive evening at home Wed. I look forward to what God is going to do in our life.

— DB

Dr. Clifford was a helpful guide throughout the entire process from initial registration to a confident graduation.  She assisted me in completing the degree program while I was working full-time and presiding over a family of five.  These temperament counseling skills can translate into just about any situation or field of work. If I ever had a question or a concern about a certain book, study or upcoming exam, Dr. Clifford was always prompt to address my concerns via email, phone and even in person.  I am so thankful for her help and guidance from start to finish and I know anyone else interested in this degree program would be wise to seek her counsel.

— TT