Marriage Counseling

Marriage can be both wonderfully fulfilling and challenging, sometimes at the same time.  If you are struggling in your marriage, get help now before it is too late to repair it.  Unravel irrational expectations and discover new ways to put the zing back in your marriage.  With some work, lots of prayer, good counsel and support, your marriage can be all God and you want it to be and more.

Dr. Jo works with couples or individuals who choose divorce, or who are being divorced against their will, to help them work through the stress, rejection, pain, and consequences that come with the dissolution of a marriage.  Often, children and teens also need counseling support to adjust to the family changes as a result of divorce.

A few counseling sessions will help a good marriage become even better.  Learning more effective ways to communicate, managing anger, offering forgiveness, maintaining sexual integrity, and enjoying life together are ingredients for a healthy marriage.

A regular counseling “check up” may ensure marriage success!