Common Questions

What if I am a different faith?

Dr. Jo emphasizes the relationship you have with Jesus Christ. She is respectful and sensitive to individual preferences and does not attempt to persuade people to change denominations. She does, however, encourage personal growth in the relationship with Jesus.

Is Christian counseling covered on my health insurance plan?

Dr. Jo Clifford does not accept health insurance plans. She will give you a receipt and statement for you to submit to your insurance company. Often, insurance companies recognize the value of pastoral counseling and because results are good, will often reimburse the client without requiring a diagnosis. Dr. Jo does not provide DSM-V diagnostic codes, which is a secular counseling requirement.

How successful is Christian counseling?

Very successful! The temperament theory/therapy used by Dr. Clifford has a high validity and reliability percentage compared to other assessments and treatment. Christian counseling works.

Do I have to be a Christian to get Christian counseling?

No. However, if Christian counseling is to be effective in your life, it is maximized by your confession of faith and acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Savior.

How is Christian (pastoral) counseling different from other counseling?

Christian counseling focuses on the Lord as the Great Healer; secular counseling focuses more on the power a person has within him/herself for healing. Although God uses man’s knowledge and science, good Christian counseling incorporates the best man has learned about himself, as long as that knowledge lines up to Biblical views. Prayer, God's Word, and truth are elements in effective pastoral counseling.

What are your fees?

Please contact us directly to discuss fees and payment.