About Joy Christian Counseling

Joy Christian Counseling provides Biblical solutions to people experiencing depression, loss, grief, anxiety, anger, addiction, unemployment and other distressing life problems. Owned and operated by Dr. Jo Clifford, Joy Christian Counseling believes in delivering life-changing information with good humor, contagious enthusiasm, and a genuine passion to communicate God’s love for people who are hurting.

About Dr. Jo

Dr. Jo earned a doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling and a Master’s Degree in Counseling.  She is licensed with the National Christian Counselors Association, is a Clinical Supervisor for the National Board of Clinical Christian Therapists, and is NBCCT Board Certified in Marriage and Family, Death and grief, and Crisis/Abuse counseling.  Dr. Jo is an ordained Minister of Counseling with the National Conservative Christian Church.

Dr. Jo is also a Certified Anger Management Trainer/Specialist II with the National Anger Management Association and is affiliated with the Anger Management Institute. She is a certified Motivational Career Coach.

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